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By | September 25, 2019 – As good as we know there are many brands of printers that are sold in the market. In addition to Canon brands, there are also Epson brands that are still a favorite among users. Many types have been issued by Epson one of which is the Epson L220.

Indeed, the L220 printer is an upgraded version of the already released Epson L210, where the features in the L220 are made modern and more multifunctional.

One of the additional features which is equipped with scan and copy features. This L220 type of inkjet printer has been facilitated ink tube and ink hose leading to the cartridge.

Download Driver Epson L220

Epson L220 Printer: Reviews, Specifications and Latest Prices

There are many best-selling printers in the market, one of the real examples is the Epson L220 Printer, dubbed the best All In one Printer in the world.

The printer market continues to develop and innovate every year. From the original printer is just a printing tool, now it can be used as a photocopy and scanner without having to buy many devices.

With just one printer, users can get many functions and conveniences in it. The Epson L220 printer has the best features at an affordable price. This article will discuss starting from a review of usage, full specifications, the latest prices and advantages available on the Epson L220.

Download Driver Epson L220 printer is one of the printer brands made by Epson. Even arguably the Epson L220 is the latest breakthrough from Epson printers where this printer is an upgraded printer from the Epson L210 printer.

Where on the Epson L220 printer all its features are made more modern and more multifunctional.

One additional feature is that it is equipped with a scan and copy feature. EPSON L220 is a type of inkjet printer that is equipped with an ink cartridge and ink hose that goes directly to the cartridge.

So that when filling ink, users only need to pour the ink into the ink tube then discharge then the ink will automatically be distributed to the cartridge.

Besides that, this Epson printer has also been equipped with efficient use of ink. Estimated that one time black ink refill can be used to print about 4000 pages. So it’s not too wasteful to use. To be more durable and print results are good, then use the type of original or original printer ink for Epson L220.

It is true that the price of special Epson L220 inks is a bit expensive. But because this printer uses more economical ink. So the use of ink becomes more cost effective.

Another advantage of this Epson printer is that the printing process is faster than the previous version, the Epson L210 with a speed of only 6. 0 / 3. 0 ipm.

Plus the scan / copy feature there is a one touch button located on the front. For the printer design itself is not too large and more practical so that the printer placement can be anywhere and save space.

For those of you who are looking for information about Epson L220 printers, maybe a review of the Epson L220 Printer Specifications and the Latest 2020 Price can help you in choosing the best all in one printer.

Windows System Requirements

To use your product and its software, your computer should use one of these Microsoft operating systems:

  • Windows x
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
  • Windows XP SP3

Scanning Specifications

Scanner type                                 Flatbed

Photoelectric device                    CIS

Document size                              Maximum: 8.5 × 11.7 inches (216 × 297 mm) Scanner glass: US letter or A4

Scanning resolution                     600 dpi (main scan) 1200 dpi (sub scan)


Color depth                                   Color:

48 bits per pixel internal (16 bits per pixel per color internal) 24 bits per pixel external (8 bits per pixel per color external) Grayscale:

16 bits per pixel per color internal 8 bits per pixel per color external Black and white:

16 bits per pixel per color internal 1 bit per pixel per color external

Light source                                  LED


Download Printer Driver  EPSON L220  windows 32 bit 26.33 MB download alternative
Download Printer Driver  EPSON L220 windows 64 bit 29.75 MB download alternative
Download Scanner Driver  EPSON L220  windows 32 bit 23.29 MB download alternative
Download Scanner Driver  EPSON L220  windows 64 bit 23.29 MB download alternative
Epson Event Manager (EM_31121_41.exe) 18.02 MB download alternative
Epson Easy Photo Print (EPP_28000_W_21.exe) 57.84 MB download alternative

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